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Electronic design.


First step in design of electronic circuits is to fetch all requirements together. This incorporates electronic functionality, the physical environment the circuit has to operate in and interfacing with other equipment. Also things as legislation - eg. with regards to safety and conformity - and a suitable casing are investigated.

After this the real design of the electronic circuit starts. Schematic diagrams and printed circuit boards are drawn with RS Components' DesignSpark and National Instruments' LabVIEW.

Then, theoretical operation of the circuit is checked with help of the Multisim simulation software by National Instruments.

When all these stages were succesful, a prototype is build. To confirm the right operation of the built circuit we use test- and measuring instruments of leading brands such as Tektronix, Fluke, Philips, Minolta en Leader.

Design of front panels and casings is done with dedicated software supplied by Schaeffer AG. In many cases, they also produce the items on our request.



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